classic hand  and  foot treatments

hand refresher $25 foot refresher $35

our basic manicure & pedicure featuring organic GREEN TEA SEED OIL and hot towel wrap to soften hands & feet and cuticles, expect all the trimming, shaping, and nail-encouraging things in a quick manicure & pedicure, great for weekly maintenance.




signature hand  and  foot treatments

signature hand treatment $35 signature foot treatment $55

our signature pedicure begins with a jasmine green tea soak to gently eliminate the skins impurities, dryness, and dead skin cells. we begin grooming your nails and cuticles; after an effective callus treatment, an exfoliating scrub is massaged on the skin to improve appearance of the skin, hot towel wraps and then a perfect color of your choice is applied.


therapeutic hand  and  foot treatments

therapeutic hand treatment $70

the hands make a statement about the person and beautiful nails enhance the appearance of the hands. first your hands will be manicured then an extraordinary exfoliation with our JADE & GINSENG SCRUB will refine and glisten then a soy paraffin masque is applied providing heat therapy, deep hydration and joint pain relief. you will be left feeling revitalized, marvelously soft and silky and then perfectly polished.


therapeutic foot treatment $65

the ultimate in pedicures, this organic and wild-crafted herbal ingredient-inspired "facial for the feet" features a detoxifying JADE DETOX with BURDOCK SOAK and invigorating exfoliant combined with JADE POWDER and GINSENG, followed by an effective callus treatment. a rejuvenating soy paraffin masque is applied to nourish and envelope your feet with a warm, deep soothing sensation to relieve dry skin. after hot towel wraps, the finish touches of a perfectly polished toes completes the pedicure.



reflexology hand  and  foot treatments

reflexology hand treatment $70 reflexology foot treatment $90

designed to bring you back to life, reflexology is the ancient art of accelerating the flow of chi “energy” to the body, which achieves a state of balance and harmony. this self-indulgent treatment is the ultimate relaxation to relax tired hands or feet, our signature manicure or pedicure combined with reflexology to revive not only you but also your spirits.


healing jade stone hand  and   foot treatments

jade stone hand treatment $80 jade stone foot treatment $100
detoxify with our JADE DETOX with BURDOCK SOAK for you feet, enjoy a full manicure and/or a pedicure with an effective callus treatment combined with JADE & GINSENG SCRUB will stimulate your hands and/or feet and restore vitality making you feel reborn. the special use of healing JADE STONES during massage promotes cell growth and helps regenerate the skin while infusing the skin with essential moisture. heated stones are gently placed between the fingers and/or toes to increase circulation and release tension while hands or feet are wrapped in steaming towels. enjoy this detoxifying treatment that uses JADE STONES, this gem stone is the ultimate symbol of calm and serenity.